This program is for you if ...
  • You are an employee or entrepreneur looking for career advancement support ...
  • You are working really hard, but feeling stuck in place ...
  • You have the skills to break through, but don’t know how to do it ...
  • You want more, but are scared to take the leap ...
  • You need to rebrand yourself, but don't know where to begin ...

Denise Kaigler

Brand Strategist & Career Coach


I created this program because I went through all of that. I had a great job -- traveling around the world, managing a staff, working with A-list celebrities, planning and attending VIP events, and meeting world leaders. I was working around the clock and scoring numerous wins. One day, I met with my boss and highlighted all the reasons I believed I had earned a promotion from director to vice president. In my mind, it was a no-brainer and I would soon be celebrating this milestone achievement. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. I remember the gut-wrenching pain and disappointment I felt when I was told there would be no celebration. My promotion had been denied. The news was devastating. I knew at that moment that I needed to develop a strategy - a STORYbook - to help propel me through a glass ceiling I had been unable to break.

I created that STORYbook and months later, my promotion to vice president was approved.

I kept that book by my side and a few years later, I was promoted to the newly created role of senior vice president and chief communications officer, making me the highest-ranking female of color at the company. That same STORYbook helped me break through five more glass ceilings, and most were at multi-billion dollar companies. I am now sharing that STORYbook with you so it can also help guide your journey through the glass ceiling and to your top tier.

Cheers to You!

Organizations: Group employee rates are available. 

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Program Description, Features & Benefits

This 10-Week Program Includes

    • Five content rich online Modules
    • Course work with proven strategic planning tools and templates
    • Membership in exclusive online community
    • Five LIVE coaching sessions (recorded so you can watch on your timeline)

    When you are done, you will have the complete STORYbook of elevation tools to help guide your top tier journey. The best part is that these tools never expire. Once you create your STORYbook, you will have access to it over and over again, regardless of your career goal.


    Module 1: Start with You

    This module will help you discover who you are, what you are and, most importantly, why you are. After completing this module, you will feel a deep sense of self – how you came to be and what inspires you to be more. Your past, present, and future will connect in an emotional way – a way you perhaps never imagined. You will understand how to use your personal experiences to carve a path toward your professional goal.


    Module 2: Target the Top

    Utilizing the work you've completed during the first session, this module will help you further define your professional target and map out the path to getting there. After completing this module, you will have a clearer - and perhaps surprising - vision of your top tier goal and what it could take to achieve it. As importantly, you will understand the important role your personal brand will play in that journey.

    Module 3: Open Up to Uplevel

    While participating in this module, you will learn to appreciate self-awareness and feedback. After you are done, you will know what you are projecting, how you are showing up, how you are being received, and the impact you are making. Openness and self-awareness can help you uplevel and empower your journey to the top tier.


    Module 4: Refresh or Reboot

    Now that you've opened up and understand the impact you are having on others, this module puts you firmly in the driver’s seat during your journey to the top tier. You will determine whether your current personal brand can help you reach your top tier, or if your brand needs a refresh or a reboot. Whichever road you identify, this module walks you through the steps to take.


    Module 5: Your Breakthrough Strategy

    This module is designed to keep your journey in focus and progress on track. During this final session, you will create your breakthrough strategy. This important document is designed to help you break through the glass ceiling. At the end of this module, you will have your own STORYbook, a resource that can help guide your professional journey during the months and years to come. 



    “Before taking Denise’s online program, I was stuck on defining the mission and purpose of my brand and struggling with focusing the vision I had for my budding company. The tools and takeaways and homework from each session helped me to break down the vision of what and where I wanted my company to be. It helped me develop strategies and execute tactics to help me begin to create a blueprint to see my vision into fruition in more manageable steps.”

    Courtney Leonard

    CEO, HerVision Media & Consulting

    “Denise's online career coaching program helped me become more self-aware.  I developed a clear understanding of strengths, weaknesses, aspirations and a vision and how to use my talents to set myself apart and add more value.”

    Romina Wilmot

    Healthcare Marketing Consultant

    "Denise helped me at a time when I began deep thinking about finding my purpose, developing my brand and knowing what I was capable of. Her virtual program offers good practical interactions and discussions that stimulate and open one's mind. The work assignments helped me follow through with commitments I made. Writing things down helped me see that I could put things into practice. I learned greatly from other classmates as well. It was a great start for my branding project."

    Sally Mahiti

    Senior Business Analyst, National Grid

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    Organizations: Group employee rates are available. 

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